Being a stage actress the mole on my face was causing me considerable distress. I was recommended LDC by a friend and I was able to have my mole removed on the same day as my consultation. Great surgeon and I wish I had it removed earlier. D. S Kensington

I had tried everything over 10 years, including herbal remedies, benzoyl peroxide creams and expensive nlite lasers, you name it. At my wits end I decided to see a dermatologist as I was getting nowhere with my GP. I thank this clinic for finally clearing up my skin.A.K London

I had a case of severe eczema and was started on medications by my GP which made my problem worse. I contacted LDC and was seen by the doctor the following day who was able to correctly diagnose my skin disease and gave me the appropriate treatment plan which has improved my skin 10 fold. V. A. Barnet

When I was turned down by the NHS to have my sebaceous cyst  removed I was shocked. I searched many clinics and to my amazement I found prices which were totally unaffordable. Then I contacted LDC where I was given an appointment the next day for both consultation and removal of my cyst. Surgeon took his time and removed my cyst leaving me with a scar hardly noticeable. I am eternally grateful to the surgeon and his friendly team for curing me with this problem I have been so eager to get rid of. K.P Essex

My GP told me that I’d have to wait 3 months to see a dermatologist on the NHS for my acne, I contacted LDC and was seen on the same day. Dr Crema truly appreciated my concerns and formalised an ideal treatment plan which finally worked. A. S. London

I could not stop itching my body and my hair was so flakey. The dermatologist correctly diagnosed me with dermatitis and started me on a treatment plan on the same day which worked.”N.C Whitechapel

I was at home for years without seeing a doctor. Acne really depressed me. I visited LDC after finding them online and they were so supportive in giving me back my confidence.S.C London

I tried everything and did not want to go on dangerous medication, especially as I was on holiday! Dr Crema’s treatment plan was safe and effective, he really does know what he’s talking about.”A.R New York

Having already tried different creams and emollients from my GP, I did not know what else to expect from my appointment. I am so relieved to finally have my eczema under control and yes it was another cream!K. S. Greenwich