We specialise in treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, allergies and complex skin conditions.
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Qualified plastic surgeons and dermatologists to remove moles, cysts, skin tags, lipomas and warts.
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Open weekdays, evenings and weekend, we offer convenient appointments directly without GP referrals.
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Skin Clinic London

If you are seeking a skin clinic in London and looking for same day treatments then simply book an appointment or call back request at London Dermatology Clinic.

London Dermatology Clinic is a centre of excellence consisting of internationally sought after private Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons with a wealth of experience. Our nationwide patient base extends to international clients including many celebrities and royal families.

We see patients for various skin problems like acne, acne scars, eczema and psoriasis as well as same-day surgical procedures including mole removal, skin tag removal, wart removal, and cyst removal (including sebaceous cyst removal).


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    Why Choose Us?

    If you search for skin specialist London then choosing the right skin clinic is an essential part of your journey. It can also be difficult and confusing to ensure you’re seeing the right qualified skin doctor London.
    Here at the London Dermatology Clinic we have a carefully selected and friendly team of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. They’re all UK registered and bring together a wealth of experience and the latest research to provide you with outstanding skin care.

    Specialist doctors with decades of experience

    Open weekdays, weekends and late evenings

    Same day treatments available

    Class leading care at affordable prices

    Minutes walk from 3 tube stations and mainline

    Independently rated 98% (4.9/5) by over 1,000 WhatClinic users


    See a Skin Specialist Doctor Now

    Choose from a weekday, weekend or evening appointment and be seen directly by a skin specialist in a comfortable private setting in the heart of London at our class leading private Dermatology Clinic.

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    Patient Feedback


    I have to give a very good feedback regarding my experience in this clinic.
    I had a mole removal and from the consultation to the stitches removal day I had a very great and professional service.
    The price maybe has been a little high but I believe that in a private clinic where they could remove the mole straight after the consultation, the average price should be the same.
    In 45 minutes I had consultation,injection, surgery and stitches with the dressing.
    I had no pain, even after the injection's effect.
    After 1 week I removed the stitches and I have a very small, almost invisible, strach that disappering every day more.
    I highly reccomend them.

    Pietro Davide Vigilante Avatar
    Pietro Davide Vigilante

    Everyone was kind and professional especially Gabriella and the consultant Dr Edmund Fitzgerald Connor. The service was worth every penny, I highly recommend this clinic.

    Jyoti Sharma Avatar
    Jyoti Sharma

    I had a cyst removal, the whole process was an absolute dream. The staff were amazing and so welcoming, the treatment quick and effective. Would definitely return if needed

    Emma-Lou Thomas Avatar
    Emma-Lou Thomas

    Very quick and easy mole removal. The excellent prices for a superb service should make this a first choice.

    Edd Edmondson Avatar
    Edd Edmondson


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