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Private Dermatologist in London

Are you planning to visit dermatologist London to remove those acne scars and moles from your skin?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because here you can find the best dermatologist London you’ve been searching for. At London Dermatology Clinic, we’re dedicated to bringing a smile on faces that have forgotten to smile due to a skin disease. Moles and acne scars are some common issues that affect our self esteem and can dampen our confidence.

Similarly, there are many other minor and major skin diseases that can be very distressing psychologically as well as those which are harmful if not treated on time. No matter what type of skin disease you’re suffering from, our skin specialists at the London Dermatology Clinic have seen and successfully treated a wide variety of conditions over the years so look no further for the best dermatologist London.

We’re sure that you’d never have to search for “best dermatologist near me” once you’ve taken a visit to our private dermatologist clinic in London. The reason why we’re prominent among others is that we carefully diagnose your problem before prescribing a treatment. Moreover, we have all the advanced tools available in our clinic that are used to treat a skin problem in an effective way, be it minor removals of moles and skin tags or cutting edge treatment with PRP or PDT light therapy.

We strive to always provide the most appropriate treatment and make you feel comfortable during your visit to the private dermatologist. Here are some services we provide at the London Dermatology Clinic.

Acne Removal

These often embarrassing red pimples and blackheads are very common among teenagers and they all too often damage self esteem regardless of age. Stubborn cases of acne should always be treated in a careful manner lest it becomes worse with any lasting scarring. We welcome you to visit the best dermatologist in London for acne treatment.

We have a team of experts that regularly provide acne treatment to patients of all skin types and ethnicities. Depending on the type of your skin, we will provide you with the treatment that’s most appropriate to you. The acne treatment may take a few weeks to remove the spots completely. But once they’re treated, you’ll not have to worry about them spreading or scars anymore. We provide effective treatment and maintenance plans for long term solutions.

Depending on the type of your skin, the dermatologist London will prescribe a treatment plan that can minimise the risk of scarring too. At London Dermatology Clinic, we’ll guide you at every step of the way so you may get rid of these pimples forever.


Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that may take place on any part of the body. Psoriasis usually appears in the form of red patches and these can become even worse if left untreated. The private dermatologist can provide you with detailed information about different treatment options that can remove these psoriatic plaques.

We recommend treatment from an expert dermatologist in London. Psoriasis can lead to developing inflamed joints if it is not treated appropriately or if you are at an increased risk of complications. So, to stay safe from further damage and clear up your skin why not see the best dermatologist London to treat this condition properly.


Eczema is another chronic skin disease that can be well treated with the help of expert dermatologist London. These red scales can appear on any part of the body but they usually start appearing on hands, behind the knees and inside the elbows. The best way to treat this issue is to see your doctor or visit a private dermatologist like the London Dermatology Clinic. The dermatologists use several treatment options to remove these scales and clear the skin folds in a careful manner.

Skin Infections

The fungal and viral skin infections may become a nuisance if not treated on time. You may visit the best dermatologist London in our clinic to get rid of these skin infections. The expert dermatologist in London can protect your skin from further damage by treating it in an effective way and advising on any long term treatment plans to keep the problem from recurring.

Regular Checkup

No matter whether you’re suffering from a significant skin disease or not, you can visit the best dermatologist in London for a regular checkup which can be for something as simple as a mole check to a second opinion on an eczema treatment plan. Sometimes, the symptoms of skin cancer aren’t clearly visible in the initial stage. But the best dermatologist London can quickly identify the symptoms if you’re suffering from a serious skin disease like skin cancer and by performing a visual check with their trained eyes. You can visit the London Dermatology Clinic without any GP referral.

Why the London Dermatology Clinic?

We have a team of expert dermatologists that know their job well and have years of experience. We’ve been serving thousands of patients and many of them have returned to see us for other problems or recommended friends and family. Additionally, we have all the advanced tools that are usually used to treat or diagnose several skin diseases.

So, if you are suffering from any serious skin disease, we’re here to help you out. Just send us an email or visit our clinic to discuss how to get rid of your skin problems as soon as possible.

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