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Eczema is a chronic condition that is characterized by red inflamed patches on the skin that are extremely itchy. These patches are often found on skin creases such as in the armpits and behind the knees although they can be found nearly anywhere on the body. Eczema is a skin condition which often reoccurs in sufferers who experience flare-ups on an ongoing basis. The patches can become weepy, blistered and infected in some cases. See our consultant dermatologist for your eczema treatment in London.

Having already tried different creams and emollients from my GP, I did not know what else to expect from my appointment. I am so relieved to finally have my eczema under control and yes it was another cream!K. S. Greenwich




Prevalence and Risk Factors

Eczema is extremely common with one in six school children suffering from some degree of it and one in twenty adults having the most common form of eczema known as atopic eczema. The London Dermatology Clinic notes that eczema often coincides with other conditions such as hay fever, allergies, and asthma. Children with two parents affected by eczema have an 80% chance of developing the condition while children with one parent affected by it have a 60% chance of developing it as well. This shows a definite hereditary link although the exact genes that come into play in its transmission are currently not known.


Eczema is becoming a more common skin disorder perhaps because of environmental changes in the modern world. There is no single known cause although a combination of a variety of causes which differs from person to person is thought to be at work. Common triggers to eczema seen at the London Dermatology Clinic include soaps, bubble bath products, fabric conditioners, biologic laundry detergents, house mite allergies, synthetic materials, being too hot or too cold, food allergies, scratching, pet dander, pollen, mould and hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menstruation.


Eczema treatment is best managed by a consultant dermatologist and so if you are looking for eczema treatment a dermatology clinic is the right place to start. The number one treatment recommended by a dermatologist at the London Dermatology Clinic is to find and avoid the condition’s triggers wherever possible. This may involve keeping a food diary and having allergy testing done at the skin clinic to determine individual triggers. The London Dermatology Clinic also recommends that patients use a range of emollients and lotions on their skin on a daily basis to avoid having it dry out. Topical steroids may also be prescribed by the London Dermatology Clinic for stubborn flare-ups of eczema. Additional treatments may include antibiotics for infected eczema, antihistamines, tar shampoo and topical immunomodulators.

I could not stop itching my body and my hair was so flakey. The dermatologist correctly diagnosed me with dermatitis and started me on a treatment plan on the same day which worked.”N.C Whitechapel

Eczema can be an extremely uncomfortable skin condition that the London Dermatology Clinic has even seen prevent sleep in children. Contact the clinic today to get started on treatments that can make the sufferer more comfortable and to help minimize flare-ups. Call us on 0207 112 4924, our lines are open from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, email us at

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“I had the worst flare of my life and was told I had to wait 3 months to see the NHS dermatologist. I called LDC and was seen the same week and got my flare up under control.” M.P Neasden. Read More

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