Hair Loss

Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a condition also known as alopecia and can affect the scalp or even the entire body. Although hair loss is most often associated with men, it can affect women and children as well. The London Dermatology Clinic sees a variety of different patients who are affected by hair loss and offers a range of treatment options for them.

Prevalence and Risk Factors

The prevalence of alopecia varies widely depending on different populations, genders and ages. It is most common in middle aged men who are suffering from male pattern baldness. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause baldness as well including thyroid problems, scalp infections and skin conditions that cause scarring such as lupus. Medications used to treat depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems and cancer can also increase a person’s risk of hair loss.


More than all other causes of alopecia, genetics often plays a significant role in determining who will suffer from hair loss. This type of skin condition is referred to male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness and has been seen by the London Dermatology Clinic as early as puberty. Another common cause of hair loss is hormonal changes or imbalances that occur at menopause, a discontinuation of birth control medications, pregnancy or even childbirth. These causes of alopecia are generally seen by the London Dermatology Clinic to be a temporary loss associated only with the hormonal change. Alopecia areata is a disease that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles and results in round, smooth patches of hair loss.


The treatments of hair loss recommended by the London Dermatology Clinic differ according to the causes of the alopecia itself. The dermatologist will conduct a series of tests on sufferers to determine the cause of the hair loss to determine how best to treat it at the skin clinic. Often, the London Dermatology Clinic recommends medications such as Rogaine or Propecia as a first line of treatment. Other treatments may include Follicular Unit Extraction, hair transplant, nutritional supplements and laser therapies.

If the hair loss is sudden, it is recommended to take to a doctor as soon as possible as it may require medical treatment of an underlying condition. The London Dermatology Clinic is determined to help sufferers regain the confidence and youthful appearance that they may be lacking. To book an appointment call us on 0207 112 4924, our lines are open from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, email us on

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