Our Doctors

All our surgeons and consultant dermatologists are fully registered with the UK General Medical Council and have undertaken many years of rigorous training to receive their practising privileges. They also practice in NHS hospitals and many have academic roles too.

Our Dermatologists

We are proud to have a variety of award winning consultant dermatologists working at the Clinic. Some also have lead roles in dermatology hospital units. They have expert insight into general dermatology as well as specialising in different skin conditions.

Our consultant dermatologists make accurate and prompt decisions for patients to get the best outcome possible, with an emphasis placed on what the patient wants. The surgeons and dermatologists at the London Dermatology Clinic are trained to recognise any number of different conditions and treat them with the most cutting edge technology available. Each case is looked at individually and treatment plans are customised according to each patient’s specific needs and desired results.

My GP told me that I’d have to wait 3 months to see a dermatologist on the NHS for my acne, I contacted LDC and was seen on the same day. The doctor truly appreciated my concerns and formalised an ideal treatment plan which finally worked. A. S. London

Dr Anton

Dr Anton works as a Dermatologist in the prestigious Imperial College Healthcare Trust and is sought after for her treatment of acne scarring.

Our Plastic Surgeons

Our surgeons are well respected and sought after, having decades of experience, and have performed 1000’s of minor operative procedures in the UK and overseas, in addition to a wealth of surgical experience worldwide. This makes London Dermatology Clinic the first choice for those patients who are particular about achieving a high quality care.

When I was turned down by the NHS to have my sebaceous cyst  removed I was shocked. I searched many clinics and to my amazement I found prices which were totally unaffordable. Then I contacted LDC where I was given an appointment the next day for both consultation and removal of my cyst. The surgeon took his time and removed my cyst leaving me with a scar hardly noticeable. I am eternally grateful to him and his friendly team for curing me with this problem I have been so eager to get rid of. K.P Essex


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