Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tags Removal

Have your skin tags removed from just £159 – SAME DAY Treatment Available

Skin tag removal is a common procedure that can be performed on the same day at our London Skin Clinic. There are several different treatment options available for skin tag removal and our experienced doctors can recommend the best treatment options for you. Skin tags affect nearly half of the population and are rarely a reason for concern. Our expert surgeons and dermatologists have performed thousands of skin tag removals and they have decades of experiences of various skin surgeries making them an experienced choice for patients looking for skin tag removal in London.

After being turned down by my GP to remove my skin tag I thought I had no options. A friend told me to visit LDC where I had my skin tag removed straight away and the scar is invisible.B.A. Wembley

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other clinics which are GP led, London Dermatology Clinic has a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist carrying out all our procedures. Our Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists have operated all over the body to deliver a cosmetically appealing finish. We are conscious of how important the cosmetic result means to patients.

What Is a Skin Tag?

A skin tag is a small, non-cancerous growth of tissue that is attached to the surrounding skin by a tiny stalk. The growth is usually brownish or flesh-like in color and looks like a piece of loose or hanging skin. Most often, skin tags from around the eyes, on the base of the neck, and in the underarm area, but they can occur anywhere, especially in spots where the skin rubs together. They typically begin as flat, pinhead-sized bumps and grow to about 1cm, although some skin tags are much larger.

Skin Tag Removal at Home? DIY?

While skin tags pose no health threats, they may cause discomfort if they rub against clothing or jewelry. People also remove skin tags for cosmetic reasons. Attempting skin tag removal at home can be potentially dangerous with consequences for bleeding and scarring. It is for this reason we recommend a medical professional assess the skin tag and it is then safely removed by a doctor or surgeon.

Medical Skin Tag Removal Options – SAME DAY Removal Available

The safest way to remove skin tags is to visit a skincare specialist. There are several places offering to perform skin tag removal procedures from beauty salons to doctor led clinics like London Dermatology Clinic. Cryotherapy, a freezing technique using liquid nitrogen, is safe and effective but may require more than one session. Often patients are unhappy with freezing as it requires multiple sessions and the skin tags still return! The initial low price can turn out to be more expensive than more permanent options such as surgical removal which is offered at the London Dermatology Clinic. Another option is ligation, where the base of the tag is tied to prevent blood flow, causing it to dry up and fall off. Sometimes, the growths are burned off using electric cauterization. Professional removal with a surgical scalpel offers the most immediate results and can be performed with anaesthesia to make it painless.

If you suffer from skin tags, make an appointment with our doctor to discuss skin tag removal techniques that will work best for you. Call us on 0207 112 4924, our lines are open from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, email us at

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“I had an enormous skin tag on my neck which was attracting so much attention for so long. LDC removed it within seconds. I wish I had gone to them earlier.” B.R Hounslow. Read More

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